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Ganz FCH25C 1/3" Monochrome Camera 570Line 0.08 Lux


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Ganz FCH25C 1/3" Monochrome Camera 570Line 0.08 Lux


Ganz F and FC range of CS mount cameras can accept all types of lenses, whether they are manual for internal applications using AES (auto electronic shutter), or for external use (when fitted inside a housing) using auto iris lenses, either DC or video iris – provided the connection is from the same plug.Within the range there are both mains voltage and low voltage options, using either DC or videodrive auto-iris lenses.Features such as automatic gain control, backlight compensation and phase synchronisation allow the camera’s set-up to be customised to suit the environment.

  • 1/3" IT CCD
  • High resolution
  • Line lock with phase adjustment
  • Auto white balance
  • Backlight compensation
  • Automatic gain control
  • Mains voltage and low voltage
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