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Bewator Solaris Range CCDS1415-ST External Fully Functional Colour P/T/Z Dome 18x Zoom


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Bewator Solaris Range CCDS1415-ST External Fully Functional Colour P/T/Z Dome 18x Zoom


A unique split construction confers the SOLARIS dome levels of accuracy and useability rarely encountered with domes on the market.Underneath the contemporary styling of the dome’s cover is a fully featured camera unit designed to put the operator in full control. The XTU (External Termination Unit) separates power, video, telemetry and alarm cable terminations from the dome itself; and provides address and protocol selection via a menu driven LCD display. A single cable is supplied to connect the XTU to the dome. Designed with reliability, ease of install and ease of use as priorities, Solaris comes with a range of innovative features. SOLARIS is available for both internal and external use so you can utilise your security system to the full.

  • Environment:  Weatherproof to IP67
  • Temperature:  -10C to +40C -20C after unit has been powered up for 3 hours
  • Voltage:  110 to 230 Vac Head unit voltage 18-24Vdc @ 2Amps supplied from the XTU
  • Camera Type:  Sony EX View
  • Focal Length:  4.1 to 73.8 (F1.4 to F3)
  • Lux:  Colour: 0.5 LUX
  •  Pan Angle:  360/sec (presets)
  • Preset Tour Facility:  99 presets
  • 4 programmable patterns
  • Privacy Zones:  24
  • Tilt Angle:  360/sec
  • Variable Speed:  proportional to the degree of zoom
  • Zoom:  Optical: 18x
  • Digital: 12x
  • Colour/mono:  Colour
  • Power supply:  110-230 Vac (in XTU)
  • Protocols:  Molynx C and D type, Molynx PC-CON, Ernitec Erna, Pelco D, Pelco P, Bosch, Vicon, VCL, Videmech Universal, Photon Surcha.
  • Day/night switch:  N/A
  • Telemetry:  Coax or RS485
  • Alarm inputs/outputs:  7 N/O or N/C + 1 tamper
  • Mounting:  Soffit/wall/pole, recessed ceiling, swan neck, pendant (1.2m)


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