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HID iCLASS RK40 Black Smartcard Proximity Reader with keypad


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HID iCLASS RK40 Black Smartcard Proximity Reader with keypad


Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the iCLASS RK40 and RWK400 provide a powerful solution. Combine a contactless card presentation with a personal identification number (PIN) to support dual authentication of identity. Or, configure the panel for single-factor authentication, using only a card or a PIN. The PIN can be verified either at the access control panel or locally by the keypad reader. When verified locally, the PIN must be programmed into the iCLASS card using the iCLASS Card Programmer (CP400). The RWK400 offers the same features as the RK40, with the extended ability to read/write user data to HID iCLASS credentials. Read/write applications include the storage/retrieval of data such as biometric templates, health records, time and attendance, and digital cash. The possibilities are endless! Featuring crisp architectural styling, the keypad reader and reader/writer have an elegantly curved faceplate. The 12-position weatherproof keypad uses discrete switches to provide positive tactile response, optionally reinforced by an audible tone. The keypad also features a waterproof silicone rubber boot, vandal-resistant metal keycaps, and backlit numbering. The readers are equipped with a Wiegand output that easily interfaces with most existing access control panels. The RWK400 is equipped with bi-directional communications of RS232, RS485 (full-duplex), UART or USB to enable host controlled reader behavior. In addition, uni-directional communication of RS232, RS485 (full-duplex) or UART is enabled when the reader is running its own internal applications. In addition the RK40 can be configured to output data over Clock-and- Data hardware interface. The iCLASS RK40 and RWK400 are compatible with all iCLASS credentials. The units can read or read/write to credentials compatible with several ISO standards (See back page for more Details)

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