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Scantronic 340En Grade 2 15M X Band Microwave + Quad Element PIR With Mask Advisor


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Scantronic 340En Grade 2 15M X Band Microwave + Quad Element PIR With Mask Advisor


A superb Dual Technology sensor with excellent reliability and performance along with high resistance to faults and tampering.

The 340 EN is the next generation of Dual Technology Anti Mask detectors combining a custom QUAD element pyrosensor with Digital Signal Processing and software, X-Band Planar Microwave and XEngine software to give a new level of reliability and performance across all temperature ranges and the extremes of harsh environments. The Mask Advisor software detects all types of masking attempts including spray.



  • Band Planar DRO
  • Microwave Fail Detect
  • X Engine Software
  • Dedicated Microprocessor



  • Microwave Anti-Mask
  • Spray Anti-Mask
  • PIR Anti-Mask
  • Mask Advisor Software



  • Quad Element Pyrosensor
  • Auto Temperature Compensation
  • Analogue & Digital Amplifiers
  • Dual Polarity
  • Microprocessor Based Circuitry
  • Remote LED Enabled
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Opto-Isolated Solid State relay
  • Micro-groove 3D Fresnel Lens
  • Surface Mount Electronics
  • Sealed Optics
  • Wall or Corner Mounting
  • White Light Filter
  • Optional Combi Bracket
  • Pet Tolerant to 15Kg
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