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Galaxy DImension GD-264 C264-C-E1 Control Panel with PSTN Dialer


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Galaxy DImension GD-264 C264-C-E1 Control Panel with PSTN Dialer


The new Galaxy Dimension series is the next generation of intruder alarms from the established Galaxy range. Based on the market leading Galaxy 3 series, it provides high quality, reliable security solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

New innovative user interface-The Galaxy colour TouchCenter facilitates easy user operation. An intuitive menu gives clear options, and event logs are displayed as a scroll list for easier comprehension.Installers can customise the screen background with their own and the end-user’s images and logos. Enhanced controls allow simple centralised operation of electrical appliances such as lights, heating, or window blinds either manually using the touch-screen or automatically via timer control.

Integrated system (Intrusion + Access control)-Galaxy‘s latest version - Dimension - also now includes enhanced access control features. With one integrated system, operation is simpler for the end user and is easier for the installer to program, commission and maintain. Best for both, one system means one point of contact for technical support.

And always with Honeywell support-As well as sales literature, free training sessions are frequently organised to help system understanding and to ensure trouble free installations every time.

Programming software compatibility-The new Remote Servicing Suite uses a common database to communicate with all Galaxy panels from one program. A networked version of the Remote Servicing Suite is also available to allow access to up to date records for all users. It guarantees secure management of information in one central location.

Backwards compatibility-To allow upgrades of the existing install base, the Galaxy Dimension PCB is fully interchangeable with G3 so the new series of control panels is compatible with all previous Galaxy installations. Programmable zone configuration also allows easy replacement of competitor’s panels in many cases.

Audio verification (‘Listen-in’ Facility)-With the new Galaxy Dimension, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can listen in using independant audio channels to identify the specific location where the alarm has been triggered and verify source and cause. This reduces false alarms and increases system reliability.

The right choice-Galaxy Dimension, allows you to offer your customer a user - friendly integrated security solution which delivers modern aesthetics in a cost-effective, fully compliant package.

  • Up to 32 independent protected areas
  • Up to 264 detection zones (16 zones on-board)
  • Up to 32 doors
  • Up to 1000 card holders per system
  • Up to 67 Weekly schedules
  • Supports up to 16 keypads
  • Support for graphical touch-screen keypad (2)
  • Event logs for Access and Intrusion (up to 1000 and 1500 events respectively)
  • Supports several communications options (PSTN, ISDN, Ethernet)
  • Up to 32 Audio Verification (listen-in) channels
  • Single PC based central management solution
  • Enhanced interfacing protocol for system integration
  • Compliant to all relevant European standards
  • Fully compatible with existing Galaxy range



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