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Scantronic 701REUR-60 Short Range Neck Pendant Transmitter


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Scantronic 701REUR-60 Short Range Neck Pendant Transmitter


Hopefully, you’ll never need to find out why our pendant transmitters are so highly regarded. But should you ever be attacked, you’ll quickly realise why over 750,000 people worldwide trust them with their lives. Both the 701 & 702 models use our tried and tested 868 MHz narrow-band radio signal for secure, reliable operation. And to ensure your transmitter is always working, the 5 year lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains. Moreover, the wide variety of wearing options – including neck pendant, hand-held, brooch and watch strap – means there’s a style to suit everyone. With many other state-of-the-art features (see overleaf), no other range of personal attack transmitters is better equipped to get the help you need when you need it most.


Compatible Receivers

  • Scantronic Homelink 75 32 zone radio alarm system
  • Scantronic 762rEUR-00 2-channel receiver
  • Scantronic 768rEUR-00 8-32 channel receiver
  • Menvier MRNODE receiver interface



  • Personal panic alarm transmitters
  • Social alarm triggers
  • Shop worker protection
  • Patrolling guard protection
  • Nursing staff protection in hospitals and clinics


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