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Scantronic 714REUR-00 Lithium Powered Compact Radio PIR Detector


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Scantronic 714REUR-00 Lithium Powered Compact Radio PIR Detector


Successfully dealing with unwanted intruders depends on detecting them as soon as possible on entering a building.
The 714 Passive Infrared Detector and Transmitter is designed to do just that. Its wire-free design enables it to be placed at the point of maximum effectiveness in any room. It can be used to signal the control panel to remotely switch lights, doors, machines and to communicate with your burglar alarm system, building access system or access control system.
Moreover, it can detect human movement up to 15 metres away while simultaneously filtering out environmental factors to prevent false alarms.
And to ensure your transmitter is always working, the long-life lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains.
Quite simply, there’s no more unwanted sight for an intruder.


Compatible Receivers

  • Scantronic 9960rEUR-08 & 16 RFX expander
  • Scantronic Homelink 55 24 zone radio alarm panel
  • Scantronic Homelink 75 32 zone radio alarm system
  • Scantronic 762rEUR-00 2-channel receiver
  • Scantronic 768rEUR-00 8-32 channel receiver
  • Menvier MRNODE receiver interface
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