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Scantronic 720REUR-02 Optical Smoke Detector and Transmitter


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Scantronic 720REUR-02 Optical Smoke Detector and Transmitter


This advanced smoke detector and transmitter constantly monitors the level of smoke particles in the surrounding environment. Only once a critical level has been reached will it send a signal to activate the alarm system, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms while providing the protection you need.
And whereas most stand-alone smoke detectors aren’t capable of more than 85 decibels of sound, the 720 can trigger the same level of sound as your alarm system, typically 100 decibels or more.
Moreover, as it requires no cabling and warns you when the battery has less than a month’s operation remaining, it can just as easily be used for areas without power as for those with it.


Compatible Receivers

  • Scantronic 9960rEUR-08 & 16 RFX expander
  • Scantronic Homelink 55 24 zone radio alarm panel
  • Scantronic Homelink 75 32 zone radio alarm system
  • Scantronic 762rEUR-00 2-channel receiver
  • Scantronic 768rEUR-00 8-32 channel receiver
  • Menvier MRNODE receiver interface



  • Provide fire protection to garden sheds and signal alarms back to the main house 


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