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Scantronic 738REUR-00 Spyder White Shock Sensor Transmitter


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Scantronic 738REUR-00 Spyder White Shock Sensor Transmitter


Combining this advanced technology with Scantronic’s renowned 868MHz narrow band security radio, the perfect perimeter solution is now available. It also eliminates the need for running cables, which would be difficult and unsightly.
The Radio Spyder can be fitted to virtually any window or door frame, and detects any attempt at forced entry. And being totally portable, it can be fixed to paintings to prevent the art being removed from walls; and to trailers and caravans to detect attempts at driving them away.
Additionally, the signals from the Radio Spyder can be used to activate a wide range of suitable alarm panels and devices.


Compatible Receivers

  • Scantronic 762REUR-00 2 zone narrow band receiver
  • Scantronic 768/9REUR-00 8-32 zone narrow band receiver
  • Scantronic 9960REUR-08/16 radio expanders
  • Homelink 75 (7500REUR-00) 32 zone domestic radio alarm system



  • Door and window protection
  • Protection of pictures and works of art
  • Protection of cupboards and store rooms
  • Protection of trailers, caravans and boats


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