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Optex AX-650DH MkIII Advanced Digital Syncronised Twin Active Infra-red Beam200m Indoor/500m Outdoor Range


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Optex AX-650DH MkIII Advanced Digital Syncronised Twin Active Infra-red Beam200m Indoor/500m Outdoor Range


The AX-350 & 650DHMKIII are the World’s First Next Generation photoelectric sensors with full digital communication. This new AX series delivers excellent performance in preventing missed and false alarms, while allowing for even easier installation which makes the whole installation process more cost effective.

By using full digital packet communication, the new AX series is able to transmit the address setting, cover open/close information and the arrival level of beam power simultaneously. The new Time Division Multiplex System prevents any crosstalk between beams when multiple beams are installed on site or when beams are stacked. This greatly reduces the risk of false or missed alarms, as well as removing the need to manually choose channel settings.

The new IP65 rated casing prevents problems caused by water or dust, while the new Anti-Frost hood cover prevents any build-up of frost over the upper and lower beams. Input voltage is between 10.5 and 30V DC giving flexibility in system design, particularly where large sites have remote power supplies.

Note:- These cannot be mixed with any other beams from the range on the same site. For more information please contact our technical department.



  • Full digital packet communication system (Patent Listed)
  • TDM - Time Division Multiplex System Communication (Patent Pending)
  • ATPCTM - Auto Transmit Power Control (Patent Pending)
  • Free Channel Settings (Patent Pending)
  • Easy Installation through Dual Alignment Indicator on both transmitter and receiver (Patent Pending)
  • Anti-Crawl Function on AX-350DHTS (Patent Pending)
  • IP65 rating
  • Anti-Frost hood cover



  • AX-350DHMKIII – standard model
  • AX-650DHMKIII – standard model



  • AX-350DHMKIII - 200m Indoor, 100m Outdoor
  • AX-650DHMKIII - 400m Indoor, 200m Outdoor
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