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Takex PB-IN-200HF Multi Channel Syncronised Quad Active Infra-red Beam-200m External/400m Internal Range


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Takex PB-IN-200HF Multi Channel Syncronised Quad Active Infra-red Beam-200m External/400m Internal Range


The TAKEX intelligent "Quad" photoelectric beam is especially designed for outdoor protection. Unique Quad beams are synchronised to work together to reinforce the range and stability in severe weather conditions. The PB-IN-HF series beams are equipped with many features which provide a wide choice of field selectable options. These options result in considerable flexibility for a variety of application requirements.



  • 4 beams are "and-gated", which helps to prevent false alarms from falling leaves and small animals.
  • The active infrared transmission is exceptionally strong with a maximum arrival distance ten times greater than the specified protection distance.
  • External light compensation circuit provides excellent tolerance against sunlight, automobile headlights, fluorescent light or mercury light.
  • FOUR FREQUENCIES SELECTIONS 4 separate frequency choices avoid cross-talk in stacked or long linear installations.
  • BEAM TRANSMISSION STRENGTH SELECTION 2 levels of beam transmission strength can be set to suit the protection distance.
  • AUTO-GAIN LOCK Optimal sensitivity gain is automatically set at any coverage distance up to the maximum protection distance. Auto-Gain lock is easily confirmed by sound check.
  • Audible signal for alignment (Utility model). An alignment tone enables quick set-up of the beams. The tone becomes maximum at peak of beam level.
  • Sensitivity attenuation LED lights when beam level is attenuated, which shows low sensitivity.
  • Monitor jack output.
  • PROGRAMMED AGC Sensitivity is automatically increased in bad weather to contend with fog, heavy rain, frost or snow.
  • ALARM MEMORY Alarm memory LED located on receiver can be automatically reset (5 mins after alarm, if flickers for 55 mins, then automatically resets) or can be manually controlled.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MODULE BUILT-IN Environmental trouble signal is sent when beam reception level is reduced below an acceptable level.
  • Wide adjustment (horizontally ±90°, vertically ±10°).
  • Tamper output.
  • Polycarbonate cover excellent at anti-shock.
  • Optional accessories.


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