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Takex PR-11B External Reflector Beam-11m Coverage


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Takex PR-11B External Reflector Beam-11m Coverage


The newly developed PR-11B is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



  • EASY INSTALLATION As wiring is needed only on the sensor unit, you can use it in places where it is difficult to wire on two sides. One side wiring makes it possible to save time and cost of installation.
  • BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE IS AVAILABLE. This sensor can be used both inside and outside. 2 types of attenuation sheets (for indoor and outdoor) are supplied.
  • EASY BEAM ALIGNMENT Beam alignment is adjusted at the sensor side only. When adjusting beam alignment, utilise view finder, attached attenuation sheets and alarm LED.
  • EXTERNAL LIGHT PROTECTION Trouble-free condition in 50,000 lux illumination fluctuation is assured by external light compensation circuit and filter, specially designed, that cuts visible rays effectively. Excellent tolerance against sunlight, automobile headlights, fluorescent light or mercury light.
  • ROTARY OPTICAL SYSTEM Using the adjustments, the lens can move horizontally (±90 degrees) and vertically (±10 degrees) allowing the unit to work in all directions.
  • RESPONSE TIME ADJUSTMENT Response time can be adjusted by the response time adjustment potentiometer.
  • EASY OPERATION CHECK Alarm LED (red) allows quick operation check.
  • OPTION ACCESSORIES L bracket fittings (BL-11) are available for reflector mounting. BP-60A pole attachment is available for sensor and reflector.


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