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GSM 4000u Listening Device


£780.00 Inc. VAT

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GSM 4000 Listening Device


NEW Micro GSM Listening Device GSM 4000u

The Worlds Smallest fully integrated GSM Listening Device.


  • Unlimited Range
  • Call from any Phone and Listen immediately
  • Measures just 43 x 34 x 17mm
  • 6 Days Standby
  • 6-8 Hours Listening Time
  • Digital Sound Processor gives exceptional sound quality (10m pickup)
  • Quad Band for Global Compatibility
  • Can be used a as Tracking Device (UK only)

    The GSM4000u Micro GSM Listening Device is the pinnacle of GSM listening technology packed into an incredibly small package just 43 x 34 x 17mm. Just insert and SIM card, call the number and you will hear exactly what is going on in your absence.

    Its tiny dimensions means the GSM4000u can be hidden almost anywhere; in a home, office, car and is even small enough to be hidden inside a handbag or briefcase.

    The GSM4000u offers the best possible sound quality thanks to new filtering circuitry and a new DSP (Digital Sound Processor). Your audio will be free of buzz and hum like so many other inferior GSM listening devices are plagued with.

    One charge will have the GSM4000u ready for up to 6 days standby or 6-8 hours of quality listening. For long-term applications the unit can also be permanently connected to Mains Power. Supplied with Charger and Protective Carry Case.
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