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Siemens/Bewator SH2 Rain Cover for K42 & K44 Codelocks - (V24246-Z3554-A1)


£44.40 Inc. VAT

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Siemens/Bewator SH2 Rain Cover for V42 & V44 Codelocks  (V24246-Z3554-A1 )


SH2 is a protective cover for V42,V44,  K42‚ K44Duo‚ M43‚ PP500-EM and PP500-Cotag. There are cuttings for cables to simplify the process of adding it to an existing installation.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 104 x 168 x 90mm

Please note this part is now called the Vanderbilt SH2 (V24246-Z3554-A1)

Quick Code: 5119

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