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Panasonic iPro WJ-ND400 64 Channel High Performance Network Recorder for Megapixel iPro Cameras


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Panasonic iPro WJ-ND400 64 Channel High Performance Network Recorder for Megapixel iPro Cameras


The WJ-ND400 ia a high performance network hard disk recorder designed specifically to meet the demands of megapixel camera recording where high data throughput and large storage capacity are required.


Large Storage Capability
64 network cameras can be connected to the WJ-ND400 and their images and audio recorded simultaneously. The NVR has 9 serial ATA HDD slots with each optional extension unit also containing 9 serial ATA HDD slots for additional capacity, making the WJ-ND400 ideal for large scale surveillance systems. With hot plug support, drives can be replaced without any downtime, allowing 24/7 operation.


For high reliability, the WJ-ND400 supports RAID 5/6; enabling image data to be stored across multiple HDDs (minimum 4 HDDs required). If one HDD (or two drives for RAID 6) should fail, recordings can be recovered from the remaining HDDs without any loss of data. The unit also features embedded OS and data encryption.


The WJ-ND400 is both MPEG-4 and JPEG compatible and enables versatile recording functions including manual, scheduled, emergency, event and external timer recording, providing unrivalled flexible recording options. With a range of alarm actions including alarm recording, e-mail notification, alarm message, terminal output, FTP transfer and camera positioning the recorder ensures that a moment is not missed by users of the system.

To search recordings the intelligent VMD function allows movement in a specified area in the recorded images to be quickly searched. In addition, the filtered search function can search a record by Time & Date, Event Type and Camera number.

Two network interfaces are provided on the recorder allowing the client network to be separated from the camera network. This ensures that the camera network performance is not impacted by users monitoring the system. This can also act as an additional security measure allowing cameras to be placed within a separate network with access only through the NVR.


Low Set-Up Costs
When i-Pro network cameras are connected to the WJ-ND400, their IP addresses can easily be obtained through the Easy IP Set-up feature. By reducing the time and labour required for network set-up, Easy IP Set-up lowers installation costs and maintenance costs


Main Features

  • MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format
  • Up to 64 network cameras can be connected without extra license fee and their images can be recorded simultaneously.
  • 200 Mbps high throughput: Best match with Megapixel i-Pro Network Cameras
  • Various Recording Modes: Manual, Schedule including Event (Pre/Post), Emergency. Schedule mode includes eight recording programs with individual recording mode for each camera, and 6 time schedules per day.
  • Panasonic camera control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset Position, Auto mode (depending on camera model).
  • Audio from i-Pro network cameras can be recorded and played back, G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps.
  • Cameras can be assigned to one of the 8 groups for easier browsing.
  • Flexible playback controls: Goto Date (Jump to specific time/date), Goto Last (Jump to 5 sec. ~ 5 min. before the record end).
  • Various display modes: Spot, Quad (16 patterns), Spot Sequence,Quad Sequence (Live).
  • Filtered search: Time & Date, Event Type, Camera number.
  • VMD search: Motion in a specified area in the recorded images can quickly be searched (works with supported i-Pro cameras and WJ-NT314).
  • 2x, 4x Digital zoom (Live/Playback)
  • Recorded images can be downloaded to a PC. Downloadable viewer software allows playback of images downloaded from the recorder.
  • Various alarm sources include 32x Terminal inputs, 64x Camera alarms, Panasonic Alarm Protocol. Flexible alarm actions include Event recording, E-mail notification, Alarm message, Camera positioning, FTP image transfer,Terminal output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, Buzzer and LED.
  • 2x built-in network interfaces (10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T) for camera recording and client access
  • Up to 16 clients can monitor images and control WJ-ND400 simultaneously.
  • FTP client function enables periodic live image transfer or recorded image transfer in response to an alarm.
  • Performance measurement function for appropriate recording frame rate setup
  • Images recorded in the SD memory card in i-Pro network cameras can be transferred to the recorder automatically even when the recorder is in recording status.
  • Setup can be made with the user friendly browser GUI. Multilingual options include English / French / Spanish / Germany / Italian / Russian / Chinese / Japanese.
  • User/Host authentication, 4 programmable user levels, 16 user priorities and User-Camera View/Control partitioning set up for sophisticated user management. Up to 32 user registrations
  • Alteration detection and recorded data encryption for data security
  • Multi-recorder-Multi-site-system can be made with optional WVASM100 i-Pro Management Software.
  • Up to 9 Serial ATA HDDs can be installed with the provided canisters. With hot plug support, the HDDs can be removed without interrupting the recording.
  • HDD capacity is expandable up to 54 HDD slots (9 HDD slots in the main unit and 5 optional WJ-HDE400 Hard Disk Extension Units each with 9 HDD slots).
  • Disk partitioning including Normal, Event, Pre-Event, Copy for flexible record management
  • RAID5/6 redundant recording for data security
  • Superior reliability with an embedded OS compared to PC-based system


* This unit is not supplied with any HDD, See Hard drive Options above

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