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The Shadow 5200 Tracker Waterproof & Motion Activation with Long Battery Life - Iphone Compatible


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The Shadow 5200 Tracker Waterproof & Motion Activation with Long Battery Life - Iphone Compatible


Our range of SHADOW TRACKERS are small, personal and powerful live tracking GPS devices allowing you to track assets, vehicles or people. They are lightweight, water resistant and come in waterproof mag mounted enclosures. They are also fitted with a discreet panic alarm, once pressed for four seconds the device will inform you of its location via your mobile phone or a PC, giving you peace of mind with loved ones. The  trackers contain a rechargeable Lithium battery allowing you to track for up to seven days; we also provide external high powered rechargeable batteries that can extend the units tracking capability for up to three months.

Our web enabled control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none. The panel allows you to; change the frequency interval when you want to locate your tracker, set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you) Not only can you view your Tracker from our control panel, but you can also call the device from your mobile phone, it will return the address location details via SMS. Combine these features with on demand real time tracking with easy to use location history reports, our trackers are a must have for families and businesses alike.


Waterproof & Robust

  • The Shadow 5200 is a sealed unit. The on/off switch and charging port are completely water proof. This very miniature robust device will stand extreme weather conditions and function to a very high standard.

Miniature size

  • The Shadow 5200 is just over 1" high, this includes the two powerful magnets. At just over 3" in length, this makes the Shadow 5200 one of the smallest under vehicle trackers on the market today. Placing the Shadow 5200 under a vehicle or to an asset that you wish to protect is very simple.

Battery Life

  • The Shadow 5200 is fitted with a 5200 Mah lithium-ion battery. Under normal working conditions, set at 30 second tracking interval and the target was to travel 2-3 hours per day. You can expect to achieve 20 days plus. The battery life can be enhanced by increasing the tracking interval to a longer period.

Motion Tracking Activation

  • The Shadow 5200 comes equipped with motion-activated tracking capabilities. Internal motion sensors begin to track as soon as the device senses a slight disturbance. This feature not only preserves battery life, but it allows you to track only the most important movements. You can also arm your device from your control panel. This will alert you once the device is moved via SMS and audio and warning sirens on the panel. This is a great feature if you are protecting an asset that should not be moved.

Charging the Shadow

  • The panel will show you the battery life at all times. You can also receive an SMS alert once the Shadow reaches a battery level of 20%. Charging the trackers is simple and only takes around 4-6 hours. All trackers are fitted with a safety over charge function, so you do not have to worry about over charging the device.

Works Straight Out Of the Box

  • All our Shadow tracking solutions work straight from the box. Each device arrives with 099990 positions and 300 sms credits. The Shadow 5200 will not send any positions whilst the device is stationary. This preserves battery and your position credits. You can purchase position credits at any time by simply clicking the "Top Up Button". SMS credits.


The Shadow Tracker & iPhone Application

Our tracking solution works once you remove it from the box, switch on and you`re tracking live. There are no activation costs or subscription fees. The Shadow Trackers works  24/7 in most countries around the world without any additional roaming charges.


  • Also allows you to track the device from your iPhone App and it will return the full address details including a WAP link so you may view your device via a small map on your  screen. Customers find this solution very handy when they have no internet access.


  •   The map is centered on your location but you can touch on any pin to get the name of the pin and then touch the name tag to center the map on that pin and get the last update and location in address format.


  • GPS Interval can use your iPhone to change the GPS interval on your tracking devices, simply go to settings, click on GPS Interval and then reset the time.


  • You can customise the settings easily, to meet your exact requirements. You can have as many devices as you like working from one control panel, excellent for both families and businesses alike.   * Supplied with £5 credit already on and includes a top up swipe card.
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