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ACTpro 1500 Single Door IP Controller with built in web server


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ACTpro 1500 Single Door IP Controller with built in web server


The ACTpro 1500 is a single door IP controller expandable up to 32-doors via ACTpro door stations and supports 15,000 users which can be configured and managed using the built in web server or the ACT software.

What is the built-in Web Server in the ACTpro 1500?

For sites with only one ACTpro 1500 the built-in web server can be used to set-up and administrate the access control system.

Key Features

  • Reduces the potential for IT issues e.g. getting access to a PC, passwords, etc when installing applications.
  • Reduces the time needed to configure and administer the system.
  • Minimal end user training required due to the simplicity of the web interface.
  • Access the ACTpro 1500 system, via a web browser, from any PC on the LAN

Main Features

  • TCP / IP - DHCP / Static IP addresses
  • Built-in web server
  • Break glass monitoring
  • USB connection for ACTWin software
  • Controls up to 32 doors
  • Entry & exit reader standard
  • Reader short circuit protection
  • 15,000 users (2 credentials per user)
  • 250 user groups
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Status LED’s
  • Space in the enclosure for cable management
  • Anti passback
  • Interlock
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Firefox 8.0
  • Tamper and mains present monitoring

Option: ACTpro 1500 with a built-in 12v DC 2 Amp PSU - ACTpro 1520

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