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Fuji P10VVHIA03A CCTV HQ+ Video Tape Starter Data Protection Compliance Kit


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Fuji P10VVHIA03A CCTV HQ+ Video Tape Starter Data Protection Compliance Kit


Too often CCTV captures criminals red handed, but the handling of the evidence creates a loophole through which they can escape. Either the quality of the tape or its audit trail makes it legally inadmissable. A case of caught but not in court. The new Fujifilm CCTV starter pack solves those problems by containing everything you need to set up and operate a successful, high quality CCTV operation.Meeting Data Protection Requirements. The CCTV starter kit comes with the choice of 36 sequentially numbered HQ+ or S-VHS tapes. They provide ultra sharp images even in large areas with inferior lighting so you can be assured that any evidence collected on these tapes will be of the highest quality. A water-tight audit trail. Fujifilm offers CCTV users a fully integrated solution that protects evidence from the camera to the courtroom. We`re confident the new Fujifilm CCTV Starter Kit will help you beat crime. Try it for yourself and you be the judge.The Fujifilm CCTV Starter Kit contains everything you will need to operate a successful, high quality CCTV operation.

Sequentially Numbered Cassettes: For a tape to be accepted as evidence in a court of law it must be closely monitored and recorded. Giving each cassette an individual, non-removable sequential number in the Starter Kit is the safest way of achieving this.Once a number has been added it will be indelible, ensuring that the cassette cannot be tampered with and making it ideal for subsequent evidential use. The development of sequential numbering has been made possible through the use of advanced laser technology which `burns` information onto the spine of each tape.

Evidence Bags: Fujifilm`s CPS approved Evidence Bags feature an easy to use closure seal that provides tamper-evident security against all known methods of attack.Each bag is marked with a unique number, ensuring traceability and enabling accurate pinpointing of breaches in security. The evidence bag includes a tear-off receipt at the bottom, which has the unique number of the bag printed onto it and sufficient space to allow for the recipient`s details to be recorded.

CCTV Log Book: The Data Protection Act requires that it be possible to trace any recorded images to a specific date, time, recording device, recording medium and operator. Tapes should not only be traceable through their lifetime, but also through their individual uses. The CCTV Log Book comprises of 36 carbon copy log sheets, that is 1 sheet for each tape in the starter kit.

  • 36 Sequnetially numbered CCTV HQ+ or S-VHS cassettes
  • 5 Evidence Bags
  • 1 CCTV log book
  • 1 rigid CCTV sign
  • 1 inside window flexible CCTV sign
  • 1 permanent marker for use with CCTV signs
  • 1 Fujifilm `Total Guide to CCTV`
  • 1 explanatory Data Protection leaflet
  • Set of CCTV 1/2 size cassette spine labels
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