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C.D.V.I (UK) Ltd KCIN Surface Mount Slim Stainless Steel Keypad


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C.D.V.I (UK) Ltd KCIN Surface Mount Slim Stainless Steel Keypad


The KCIN is a backlit, coded keypad in stainless steel with remote electronics. It is the versatile keypad from the Digicode range. Being multipurpose, it can be installed indoors or outdoors (IP64) and can handle up to 100 codes and 3 different access points (door, gate control, automatic garage door, alarm, lighting, etc.).

The KCIN Digicode is equipped as standard with automatic voltage selection and can therefore operate on 12V to 24V AC or 12V to 48V DC.

- Completely sealed (filled with epoxy)
- Remote controller mounted in a weather resistant plastic box
- Programming password protected
- Capacity 100 user code of 4 to 5 digits
- 1 form C output (optional: 2 to 3 relay outputs)
- Keypad Illumination duration programmable
- Audible feedback for operating and programming
- Request-to-exit input
- Timed output 1 to 99 seconds or latched
- All programming stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory
- Operating voltage: 12 to 24V AC and 12 to 48V DC
- Consumption (3 relay outputs activated and keypad illuminated):
. 12V AC: Standby 90mA
. 24V AC: Standby 46mA
. 12V DC: Standby 100mA
. 24V DC: Standby 55mA
. 48V DC: Standby 30mA

Quick Code: 4008
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