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Storm AXS Strikemaster DE2KT101 Grey High Impact Polymer Keypad with Metal Keys


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Storm AXS Strikemaster DE2KT101 Grey High Impact Polymer Keypad with Metal Keys


Secure, self-contained keypad and controller for electrically operated locks and strikes. Authorised personnel can use their PIN code to open either one or two normally locked doors. Up to 50 different 4, 5 or 6 digit codes can be individually programmed. Each code can be set to trigger an electric lock or strike for a pre-set time (allowing just one person to access), or to ‘latch’ the door in an unlocked condition (requiring the code to be re-entered to ‘unlatch’ or re-lock the door). If the Strike Master keypad is used to control a single door, the ‘forced door alarm’, ‘anti-tamper alarm’ and ‘duress alarm’ features can be enabled.


  • Up to 50 user programmable PIN codes
  • 4, 5 or 6 digit PIN codes
  • Indexing permits the secure allocation and re-allocation of PIN codes
  • One or two door control
  • Anti-tamper alarm
  • PIN code entered under duress alarm
  • Forced door alarm
  • Timed release or latched door option for each PIN code
  • Fail (open) Fail (closed) option
  • Timed lock out for repeated invalid code input
  • Remote exit switch facility
  • Hidden PIN code feature
  • All weather resistant
  • LED and audible tone status indication
  • Requires 11 to 28V DC or 9 to 20V AC supply
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Three protection levels:

1) Anti-vandal keypad for exposed, unsupervised hostile, public locations

2) Vandal resistant keypad for unsupervised, public, outdoor locations

3) Robust keypad for outdoor/indoor location


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