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Honeywell G2 C044-01-KPD G2-44+ Control Panel and a MK7 LCD Keypad


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Honeywell G2 C044-01-KPD G2-44+ Control Panel and a MK7 LCD Keypad


The Honeywell new G2 is the ideal solution to protect small commercial sites.

The simplicity of installation, its great fl exibility and unique system architecture, built on the trusted Galaxy platform allowing remote servicing, is a major benefi t to both the end-user and installer.

Compatible with the existing Galaxy peripheral range, the G2 series utilises the familiar Galaxy user interface and programming structure. In addition, it now allows integrated door control and set/unset from a card reader and optional connectivity to an IP network.

The new G2 range consists of two panels; the compact “G2-20” version and the “G2-44+”, allowing up to 20 and 44 zones respectively. The standard 12 built-in zones offer a cost effective solution without the need for expansion modules.

Flexible installation and operation options are achieved in a multiple system environment. The G2 can be programmed to operate as up to three fully independent sub systems plus a common area. This is ideal in landlord/tenant installations.

The new bi-directional wireless module enables the new G2 panels to be set/unset with a two-way keyfob. This gives the end-user a live system status in real time. The radio link between the keyfob and the wireless module is encrypted to comply with DD243.

The G2-44+ also offers dual bus technology making it compatible with most Honeywell Ademco ECP-busdevices. Multi-path communication signalling is achieved using both the GSM and PSTN networks. False alarms are reduced by utilising two-way audio between the site and ARC.

With its on board modem, the G2 series is suitable for use in installations requiring compliance with PD6662: 2004 and En50131-1: 2006, security grade 2, environmental class II

The G2-44+ key features:

  • Integral 1.45A (<1A@grade 2) Power Supply & Communicator
  • 12 zones expandable up to 44 zones
  • 4+8 outputs expandable up to 28 outputs
  • Support for 4 remote keypads (or 4 Keyproxs)
  • 384 event log
  • 24 Users
  • 3+1 Common Groups
  • Domonial Wireless Peripherals Support
  • Dual Bus technology provides support for Galant peripherals as well as Galaxy Peripherals
  • SMS messaging
  • PC Applications for Remote Servicing
  • GSM signalling option
  • 2 way voice communications option
  • Suitable for use in installations compliant to PD6662 and EN50131. Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
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