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Scantronic 703REUR-00 4 Channel Universal Contact Transmitter


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Scantronic 703REUR-00 4 Channel Universal Contact Transmitter


Behind the clean, contemporary looks of the 703 lies a highly sophisticated remote transmitter offering a wide variety of applications.
Capable of transmitting signals from up to four locations, it‘s ideal for communicating with a central control point. And whether you need it to monitor lights, doors, pumps, machines, plant or farm machinery or other equipment, you’ll find our 868 MHz narrow-band ensures secure, reliable operation.
Moreover, it can work with vibration sensors to detect attacks on doors, windows, walls and safes. Likewise, by using it with a keyswitch it can act as a simple alarm system.
Powered by either 12vDC or batteries, the 703 can just as easily be used for outbuildings with no electricity as indoor locations.
However, you use it though, you can expect the 703 to perform to the highest standards to keep you in control.


Compatible Receivers   Compatible Antennae
  • Scantronic 9960rEUR-08 & 16 RFX receiver interfaces


  • 792rEUR-00 indoor 1/4 wave (Supplied with 703r)
  • Scantronic Homelink 55 24 zone radio alarm panel


  • 794rEUR-00 indoor/outdoor co-linear 8 x 1/2 wave
  • Menvier MRNODE receiver interface


  • 797rEUR-00 indoor/outdoor 1/2 wave
  • Scantronic 762rEUR-00 2 channel receiver



  • Scantronic 768rEUR-00 8-32 channel receiver


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