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Scantronic 727REUR-00 Keyfob Personal Attack Transmitter-Super Encrypted


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Scantronic 727REUR-00 Keyfob Personal Attack Transmitter-Super Encrypted


To look at our range of highly advanced keyfob transmitters you wouldn’t guess how much they’re capable of.
They can be used to remotely set, part set and unset your alarm and control up to four separate channels. Moreover, they can activate the personal attack function in your alarm system to get you protection when you need it most.
Two models come with our unique super-encrypted rolling code transmission, making unauthorised usage extremely unlikely. And to ensure your transmitter is always working, the long-life lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains.
All this in a keyfob designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or on your keyring.

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