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Scantronic 734REUR-01 4 Channel Door Contact-FSL Hardwire Input


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Scantronic 734REUR-01 4 Channel Door Contact-FSL Hardwire Input


The 734rEUR-00 and -01 transmitters are designed to work with any Scantronic 868MHz narrow band receiver. Both variants are two zone multi-function transmitters designed for use in any of the following applications:

  •  On their own as door contacts, using the supplied magnet.
  •  With a suitable external sensor to signal the opening of roller shutters by a set amount (-00 version only).
  •  With an external shock sensor to signal the presence of vibrations above a programmed level (-00 version only).
  •  With any voltage free contacts.

When used with both internal reed switch and external sensors the transmitter takes up two zones (or channels) on the receiver.

The external connector on the -00 variant is designed for four wire closed circuit sensors. The -01 variant is designed for Fully Supervised Loop (FSL) sensors.

In both variants the case is protected by an internal back tamper switch and an internal lid tamper switch.


Compatible Transmitters/Receivers

  • Scantronic Homelink 7510 32 zone radio alarm system
  • Scantronic 762rEUR-00 2-channel receiver
  • Scantronic 768rEUR-00 8-32 channel receiver
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