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Scantronic 762REUR-00 2-Channel Narrow Band Receiver


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Scantronic 762REUR-00  2-Channel Narrow Band Receiver


The 762 2-channel narrow-band receiver enables you to see at a glance the status of up to two remote transmitters.
Its LED display continuously shows your system’s overall security status. Plus, each transmitter has its own indicator, so you quickly know if one trips or fails to send its regular signal or if a battery has less than one month’s life remaining.
Most importantly, the 762 has numerous applications. These include remotely switching lights and machines on and off, signalling when doors and windows are opened or closed and communicating to your alarm system when someone is attacked.
Compatible with all makes of standard burglar alarm/fire detection/building management systems, this sophisticated receiver puts you firmly in control.


Compatible Transmitters

  • All Scantronic 700r Series radio transmitters 


Compatible Antennae

  • 794rEUR-00 indoor/outdoor co-linear 8 x 1/2 wave
  • 797rEUR-00 indoor/outdoor 1/2 wave



  • Signal the opening or closing of doors or windows
  • Indicate change of state of relays, transistors outputs and other sensors
  • Remotely switch lights, doors and machines
  • Indicate personal attack button activation
  • Connected to any standard burglar alarm system to allow radio contacts/PIR/shock sensors to be added without extra cabling
  • Can be connected to many building management systems (BMS) to indicate alarm sensor activation
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