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Elmdene Rapier 4000 Double Skinned White Coated Stainless Steel Twin Piezo External Sounder with Strobe Unit


£207.75 Inc. VAT

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Elmdene Rapier 4000 Double Skinned White Coated Stainless Steel Twin Piezo External Sounder with Strobe Unit


The Rapier Range of high quality sirens features Stainless Steel covers and Galvonised Steel backplates.The electronics modules are conformally coatedto withstand harsh external environments.


  • Superior quality metal External Sounder
  • Ideal for prestigious installations and projects
  • Meets requirements for High Security installations
  • Vandalism protected
  • Internal protection for long life in harsh environments
  • ``Engineer Friendly`` for easy installation and maintenance
  • Individual Cover logo can be supplied


  • Stainless steel cover
  • Polished mirror finish available
  • Dual steel skin enclosure
  • Twin streamlined translucent strobes
  • Dual piezo sounders
  • Twin comfort LEDs
  • Electronics fully enclosed
  • 15 minute cut-off timer
  • Full SAB facility with on-board 12v NiMH battery
  • Engineer mode for silent start-up
  • Universal trigger and tamper
  • High Security model available with or without speech module
  • Screen printing available
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