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Menvier SD3 GSM Speech Dialler-GSM Version of SD2


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Menvier SD3 GSM Speech Dialler-GSM Version of SD2


Alarm communication is too small a word to describe the Menvier SD3. Utilising Menvier's latest speech dialler technology and harnessing the power of GSM mobile phone advances, it is a sophisticated warning system which puts configuration, control and response at the fingertips of authorised users. Any trigger is communicated by text and/or voice messages to pre-determined landline or mobile phone numbers, enabling owners to respond appropriately, evenreset devices or talk to the premises remotely.

An SD3 can communicate via a PSTN line, a GSM network or via both together. In this instance, the user can select which connection should dial out first. The unit is fully self-programmable letting you enter up to ten contact telephone numbers, select the type of message (voice or SMS text) which should go to each and allowing you to store spoken or text messages created to suit your specific requirements.

The programmable remote access feature lets you dial into the unit via fixed land line or mobile phone from anywhere in the world, and access four programmable outputs that can remotely switch electrical apparatus or switch on  indicators for a wide variety of technical information signals. An integral thermometer can be pre-set at any given temperature from 0°C - 40°C and will transmit a message when that temperature has been exceeded or reached. Ideal for ensuring that buildings never get too cold when the heating fails to come on.

SD3 also has a unique feature where once an input has been activated, an automatic recorder will record either 15 or 30 seconds, via an in-built microphone, and store the recording. The recording can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using the remote access feature, or, at the premises, by using the message replay function on the keypad.

The SD3 Speech Dialler provides a means of communicating information to fixed and mobile telephones. It can either be  connected to an alarm panel or used as a standalone unit. 


Key Features

  • Eight trigger inputs to which can be assigned a voice message and/or text message 
  • Store upto 10 contacts
  • Built in microphone and speaker to allow you to record and replayaudio messages direct from the unit
  • Store upto eight alarm messages, eight restore alarm messages and one common message
  • Up to 30 seconds for messages
  • Send text messages via SMS service
  • Store upto eight alarm text messages, eight restore alarm text messages and one common text message
  • Upto 40 characters
  • On recieving a voice call from the SD3, the contacted person can acknowledge the call by pressing 8 on their phone
  • The SD3 has several call-abort options
  • Displays current ambient temperature and can be programmed to alarm at high and low temperatures
  • The unit has an internal clock which can display date and time.  
  • 'Listen-In Mode' switches the internal microphone to the telephone line, so that you can hear activity at the premises.
  • 'Talkback Mode' switches the internal loudspeaker to the telephone line so you can talk to the premises.
  • The SD3 can be accessed remotely by dialling into it with a touch-tone telephone
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