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Takex PB-20TE Syncronised Twin Active Infra-red Beams-20m Externa/40m Internal Range-4 Channels Selectable


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Takex PB-20TE Syncronised Twin Active Infra-red Beams-20m Externa/40m Internal Range-4 Channels Selectable 


The TAKEX ‘TWIN’ photoelectric beam is designed to meet the highest quality and reliability standards in photoelectric beam intrusion detection. Unique twin beams are synchronised in order to reinforce the range and stability in severe weather conditions. The system has a rotary optical system for easy installation and a special lens design for accurate alignment.



  • HIGH RELIABILITY Synchronised twin beams reduce false alarms caused by flying birds and falling leaves.
  • EXTERNAL LIGHT PROTECTION Trouble-free condition in 50.000 lux illumination fluctuation is assured by an external light compensation filter circuit. Excellent tolerance against sunlight, headlights, fluorescent or mercury light.
  • EASY BEAM ALIGNMENT The special viewfinder allows fast aiming and assures good alignment. Equipped with monitor jack to check sensitivity.
  • ROTARY OPTICAL SYSTEM The optical system of both the transmitter and receiver can be rotated up to 180° which allows side aiming. Therefore the units do not have to be mounted face-to-face and the beam direction cannot be discerned by simple observation.
  • INSECT PROTECTION A sealed optical system prevents intrusion and interference by insects.


Other Features

  • Automatic Gain Control circuit loaded
  • Wide adjustment (horizontally ±90°, vertical ±10°)
  • Pole mounting kit included
  • SELECTABLE FREQUENCIES The “INTELLIGENT TWIN” beams have 4 separate selectable frequencies for stacking up several sets without crosstalk.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST FROST/DEW As a special hood is attached on sensor cover, beam protection continues without interruption even when the cover is screened by frost or dew.


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