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GJD DygiZone Digital LCD 4 Zone Lighting Controller


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GJD DygiZone Digital LCD 4 Zone Lighting Controller

This controller requires an expansion unit, either 2 zone, GJD012 or 4 zone, GJD040.


In an effort to increase security, many houses and premises are lit up like a Christmas trees at night. Instead of detering intruders, some of these security lighting systems just light their way, whilst at the same time illuminating the sky and wasting energy. The new advanced, feature rich DygiZone Controller provides intelligent security lighting control which enhances security, saves energy and minimises light pollution.


  • Precise 24 hour control and monitoring of 4 zones of security lighting via a user-friendly control  panel and modern LCD display.
  • Programmable functions that accurately control the activation, timing and duration of the lighting to minimise energy consumption and light pollution.
  • Any one of 5 mode settings can be programmed for each zone.
  • When the external GJD sensors are activated, the DygiZone indicates which Zone has been activated by either an audible beep or a 10 second pre-recordable voice message - and the Zone indicator is illuminated on the control panel..
  • 2 programmable timers for each zone allows the lighting to be automatically switched on & off at pre-set periods for a pre-set time - ideal for when a building or premises are unoccupied.
  • A system overide can be made from up to 3 locations at any time.
  • The system can be expanded to enable up to a 30,000 Watts of lighting to be controlled and switched as required.
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