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GJD 300 D-Tect2 Quad PIR Detectors For CCTV and External Lighting-Chrome Finish


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 GJD 300 D-Tect2 Quad PIR Detectors For CCTV and External Lighting-Chrome Finish


The D-TECT2 is a BS 8418 compliant, quad PIR external movement detector which can be used to control cameras and also interfaces with GJDfs lighting control systems. It is equipped with a pan and tilt   dual infra-red scanner with two volt free & two negative switched outputs with a programmable beam range of up to 30 metres, avoiding boundary overspill. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing modern design incorporating advanced technological features with radically powerful capabilities. 
  • Has exceptional resistance to false alarms and a high immunity to triggers from the sun, reflections and shadows to minimise the potential for false alarms, enabling response centres to deal with genuine threats. 
  • The adjustable pan (180o) & tilt (90o) electronics module, coupled with a mounting   height of up to 6 metres, allows the view of D-TECT2 sensor and the camera to be matched. 
  • All detectors in the D-TECT range are programmable via an optional key fob remote control, which is a great benefit for post installation adjustments. 
  • A conduit cable adaptor is available for surface mount connections. 
  • The robust zinc alloy metal case is IP55 rated and fitted with front & rear tamper switches. 

No other movement detectors are more versatile or offer such a wide range of features to enhance the detection of threats and significantly reduce the incidence of false alarms. The D-TECT range sets new standards of performance and control, is easier to install and yet is highly cost-effective.

Dimensions: 145 x 120 x 115 mm





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