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GSM Ghost


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GSM Ghost


Superb GSM listening technology. An ultra small GSM listening device - will also text you on sound detection!

*Now with super charged self-contained Lithium*

The GSM Ghost is an ULTRA SMALL Digital Circuit Processor which offers unbelievable audio listening quality.  The GSM Ghost is equipped with a noise filtering buffer to eliminate any  humming or buzzing normally associated with other inferior products and the on-board chipset allows you to remotely set configurations via SMS.  Although small in appearance, the GSM Ghost is completely self contained,  simply call the SIM card inside the device from anywhere in the world and  silently listen into the surrounding area up to 10 meter``s that again...10 METERS!

The GSM Ghost is one of the smallest but smartest professional listening devices  in the world.  Further to that, we have implemented a super charged Lithium battery which  now makes the GSM Ghost one of the best high powered listening devices available.

This GSM Ghost weighs just 20g and measures a tiny 41 x 32 x 11mm so  it can easily be placed in an area of concern without arousing detection.  The GSM Ghost operates on the tri-band frequency for worldwide operation  allowing you to monitor audio surroundings in your absence from anywhere in the world.

For the techno minded, the GSM Ghost can be remotely configured via simple SMS commands in order to protect  unauthorised access but also be alerted via a call/SMS if the GSM Ghost detects sound vibrations above a certain noise threshold.  Any tampering with the product or movement will also alert you via SMS.

The GSM Ghost is powered from it``s internal lithium battery which will give a  standby time of 5 days or alternatively, plug the GSM Ghost into the mains  power supply via the supplied adapter for extremely long term audio surveillance.

The GSM Ghost is a super high quality Digital Circuit Processor with a self-contained lithium battery to offer both superior audio listening quality  and long standby time.  It``s extremely small size makes this device a very covert and robust source  of worldwide communication.


  •     Ultra small size not much larger than a £2 coin
  •     Completely self contained
  •     High powered lithium battery for portable deployment
  •     Can be powered from the mains supply via the supplied charger for long term audio monitoring
  •     Special digital sound processor for ultimate sound quality with minimum distortion
  •     Protected access
  •     Remote SMS configurations
  •     Sound activation feature
  •     Tamper activation feature
  •     4 levels of sensitivity settings
  •     Operates on the tri-band frequency for worldwide use - 900/1800/1900MHz
  •     Call in from anywhere in the world
  •     Microphone range - 10 meters (under optimal conditions)
  •     Weight - 20g
  •     Standby time - 5 days
  •     Call in time - 6-8 hours
  •     Easy to operate
  •     Supplied with packaging with full instructions
  •     Limited uses by your imagination - great for monitoring baby sitters and monitoring your home/office
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