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GSM Micro Bug


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GSM Micro Bug


Listen to conversations in complete discretion by placing this superb quality sleek GSM listening bug in a location of your choice. Place the unit in the house or office. Wear it on the body for covert operations, place it in a vehicle, put in in the lining of a handbag - the applications for this superb device are only limited by your imagination.

Simply dial the SIM card number inside the Ultra Mini Bug and at any time, wherever you are in the world it will automatically and silently connect and transmit any conversations and sounds over the GSM network. Superb microphone technology in the device gives crystal clear audio from up to 10 meters away from the unit. The unit also has the facility for connection of an external covert microphone.

The Ultra Mini GSM Bug incorporates a high capacity rechargable Li-ion battery that enables up to 6 hours listening-in time and up to 240 hours (10 days) standby time on a full charge. For extended periods of audio surveillance, the unit can be attached to an AC power source, thereby ommitting battery power issues.

The Ultra Mini GSM Bug operates on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (Quad Band) communications network meaning that it can operated anywhere in the world.

Features: Unit only measures 95 x 44 x 13mm, has high capacity rechargable battery (6 hours talk/10 days standby), can be permanently be mains powered, has built-in high quality microphone, can have external microphone attached.

Quick Code: 4480
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