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Hidden Camera Watch - OM868 - 8GB Flash Memory


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Hidden Camera Watch - OM868 - 8GB Flash Memory


What is it? Listen carefully, Bond: this stainless-steel watch contains a tiny lens below the 12 position, and a video camera inside with 8GB of flash memory — enough for 70 minutes of footage. A pair of buttons turn recordings on and off, while the crown to the left unscrews to reveal a USB port, allowing you to transfer files and recharge the battery over a computer (none controls the chronograph dials, which are just for show). Getting it ready to record sets off a few blinking LEDs but once running there is no indication that you are filming, except for the fair amount of heat it generates against your wrist. Video quality is as good as a webcam’s, at 640x480 pixels and 30 frames per second, and the picture was bright, even when it was used in a gloomy interior. The sound was a little quiet, but sharp. The watch itself is chunky, but no more so than a fancy chronograph.


Functions summary:Video format: AVI
Video encoding; M-JPEG
Video resolution; 640*480 VGA
Video frame rate; 30fps
Media playing software; Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software
Picture format; JPG
Picture pixels; 5M Pix
Battery capacity; 200mAh
Working time; About 70 minutes
Charging voltage: DC-5V
Interface type: Ö2.5  4 Pin USB
Storage support: N and Flash
Battery type: High-Capacity Lithium Polymer

1. Built-in rechargeable Li-Battery, Please insert the USB cable to the DVR
wristwatchfirstly and then be in charging when the USB plug is connected
with charger or inserted into the USB port of PC. Once connected correctly,
 the green light of this DVR watch will be in work. When green light is off
 and red light is on, which means the battery is in full capacity, then stop

2. If there is not enough power supply while photographing, the camcorder
will be power off automatically. The system will store the photography files
automatically before power off to ensure their safety.

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