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Samsung PRN-4011 64 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder H.264/H.265 supports RAID 5 and up to 12MP Cameras 240v AC- No HDD


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Samsung PRN-4011 64 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder H.264/H.265 supports RAID 5 and up to 12MP Cameras- No HDD


This network video recorder provides a high-performance recording solution, suitable for medium to large-sized installations. It supports the recording of up to 64 camera channels and provides a maximum of 96TB storage. The unit also includes an HDMI output and has the ability to display a single 4K resolution image via a local monitor (requires the use of a 4K resolution display monitor).

The unit supports the monitoring and recording of multiple IP cameras at a resolution of up to 12MP. Users can also download the free Smart Security Manager (SSM) client software, which provides all the necessary features for a reliable CCTV surveillance system. In addition, the NVR’s integrated display ports allow the connection of a monitor for a simple standalone solution – without the need of a PC.

Recordings can be set to run continuously, during specific time periods or as a result of an alarm signal. Support for pre- and post-event recording allows activity around the time of a triggered alarm to be captured and used for investigation purposes. Users can also retrieve recordings easily using a variety of search tools, play the footage back and then export safely via the USB connection. In addition, WiseStream compression technology is included to help lower bandwidth and storage requirements.


Main Features:-


  • High-performance NVR with support for up to 64 camera channels
  • Up to 12 SATA hard disks can be supplied (fitting required) to provide a maximum of 96TB storage
  • Supports all camera resolutions up to 8 MP for detail-packed video footage
  • HDMI output allows the connection of an HD monitor for an effective standalone setup
  • Audio recording and support for two-way communication (camera model dependent) when a microphone is connected via the I/O ports
  • SSM client software is free to download and provides a range of video management features
  • Supports the live view, playback and storage of recordings for medium to large-sized systems
  • Recordings can be configured to run on an event basis, continuously or for specific time periods to best suit the user’s requirements
  • Enhanced security monitoring with configurable, camera-based video motion detection alarms
  • Video search tools enable the quick and easy retrieval of recordings
  • USB port allows recordings to be exported quickly for further investigation
  • Free Wisenet mobile application offers remote access to live video and playback of recordings
  • Dimensions: 436 (W) x 450 (D) x132 (H) mm
  • Bandwidth throughput: transmission bandwidth: 400Mbps

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