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Wood Glue 532ml


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Wood Glue 532ml


Main Description:

  • Gorilla 100% tough wood glue.
  • For the toughest jobs on the planet earth!
  • Dries natural colour indoor/outdoor use D3 water resistance no foam
  • Wood glue by gorilla is a high-quality product designed for both indoor and outdoor woodworking and carpentry projects. 
  • D3 water resistant 
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Clamp time 20-30min.
  • Gorilla wood glue bonds strong and fast with a clamp time of just 20-30minutes. Its weatherproof, dries a natural colour, and once its stuck, its stronger than the wood itself, so you'll never have to do the same job twice.
  • Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded. Apply glue generously to surface. Join and clamp for 30 minutes. Parts should fit tightly. Excess glue can be removed with a clean, wet cloth or scraped off after glue dries. Allow bond to dry for 24hours. Remove clear applicator tip to clean out glue build-up.
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